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My Boring Routine

Here is the 4th post I make for today. Work From Home makes me crazy. I don't have any idea to be executed. I have been spending more than 8 hours in front of my laptop and nothing done.

Okay I know. It's not about me. It's all about habit. It's a new condition and change everything. Be grateful my office doesn't fired me.

So, I have to adapt. As a human, adapt is the origin skill that save this race from many disasters in the history. We are stronger than dinosaurs. Our ancestors proved it.

So, here are the plan :

  • Wake up every morning and pray. 
  • Do exercise. 
  • Write. It a must.
  • Take a bath.
  • Work.
  • Have breakfast.
  • Take a nap.
  • Do the side job.
  • Have dinner.
  • Write again.
  • Sleep.

The plan is so usual. Yeah, I know. I have nothing to do with this WFH days. But later, if I could find another fascinating ideas to make my days brighter I will share in this blog.

But I warn you, these weeks I will share many posts and perhaps all of them are in English. I call it #learningenglishbyusingblog. I don't know my writings good or maybe so bad. Hopefully I don't kill the grammar.


Thanks for reading.
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